Monday, September 28, 2015

Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys

Take a virtual tour of the Denver Museum of Miniatures. Whether you like traditional minis, modern minis, small or regular scale, there are a lot of nifty items in this museum. Here are the highlights.

The museum itself would make a smashing dollhouse!

1:48 Scale
One of the museum's nicest items was this quarter scale Victorian farmhouse and it was very intricate.


1:12 Scale
The museum had many other items in the traditional scale range and here is a little of the best.


Check back with the blog on October 5th for photos from the Denver Modernism show to inspire your miniature modern creations.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Sneak Peek of October Tip

Next month on the 19th check back for designer tips to achieving this revitalized mid-century modern living room.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Denver Mini Haul

1:48 scale wine glasses.

Here's a sneak peek of new projects on the work desk and of my mini haul from the Denver trip.

1:48 assorted wine bottles.

1/144th scale farmhouse -- small enough to fit in your palm when finished!

1/144th furniture, each small enough to sit on your pinkie tip.

3D Printing: Designer Furniture at Your Fingertips

...or ON your fingertips, as these fine replicas are small enough!  Thanks to 3D printing, a new world of designer classics such as Herman Miller Eames are now available in 1:48 quarter scale with intricate detail. These tiny iconic pieces came from Shapeways (designers listed below).

The Designers

Queen Anne chest and Herman Miller Eames lounge chair are by Pretty Small Things.

The George Nelson marshmallow sofa, Gerrit Rietveld zigzag chairs and Herman Miller Eames office chair are by Anshuman Bhaita.

The carrosee chair is by Tiny Toes Couture.

The table base is by tisch.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Minis in Denver

I went up to Denver to visit a miniatures expo, mini museum and a modernism expo and there's plenty of inspiring visual goodies to share (enough for four posts!)

First up is the 35th Annual Fall Show & Sale hosted by the Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys.


There wasn't a lot of smaller scales, but there was this booth of 1:48 scale stores and assorted items.


Victorian is still the dominate theme among the larger scales, but there is also a lot of southwestern and with today's kilim theme in mid-century inspired rooms, it would be very easy to take items like these and create a trendy modern mini living room.

As a graphic designer, I loved these produce crates and can see them in an industrial chic office, perhaps as a makeshift desk or assembled together for a bookshelf.


On the 21th check back with this blog for an article on iconic modern design in 1:48 scale and on the 28th check back for the second post from the Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Sneak Peek of Upcoming Posts


After attending a major mini show in the state, a mini museum and a major modernism expo I have some lovely visual goodies to inspire your mini modern projects.  I'll post a couple articles over the next couple days and I'll schedule out a couple more for a little later.  So keep checking in!

Also, drop by on the 21st to see how modern iconic furniture is arriving to the smaller scales of dollhouses and miniature architecture.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tiny Architecture at the Colorado State Fair

Photos from the 2015 Colorado State Fair miniatures contest.  My little San Francisco house was literally dwarfed by the competition--check out that awesome Tudor!  My entry was the only quarter scale and modernized home, so here's to representing 1:48 scale and mini modern.


My whole house can just about fit in the living room of the best in show Tudor.
As a college student, I'm one of the youngsters in this hobby, especially here in America. We millennial miniaturists exist, but there just aren't the sheer numbers. It was very rewarding to hear people even younger than me, some as young as eight, walk by the exhibits and say, "This is art."  It might not be the large hobby that it was when I started as a youth, or even in the golden days of the 70s and 80s, but miniatures aren't dead.


The Tudor wasn't a modern home, but I am completely inspired by this color pallet for a modern room.
Tudor kitchen.

This 1/144th house (small enough to sit comfortably on your palm) was one of the other tiny contestants in my class. I guess I'm not the only one who couldn't resist the allure of green. 


The San Fran house is back home now and I can get started on new scenes and blog posts with fervor. After a year of working non-stop on this house, spending much of my precious free time in the evenings woodworking or crafting furniture, I felt some severe separation anxiety the day I dropped it off to the show.  Now that it's back I'm looking forward to trying new interior design styles without having to rush and meet a show deadline. Stay tuned for more goodies!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Virtural Tour: 1:48 Scale Modernized San Francisco Row House

This was my second dollhouse after 14 years, my first attempt at 1:48 scale and it was an experiment to see how well a graphic designer could create attractive interior design. It is a prototype of experiments and plans for my real house and is filled with many of my favorite designs from Herman Miller Eames chairs to VW Bugs.

The house kit was manufactured by a Virginia Beach small business, Laser Dollhouse Designs Inc..  Some of the furniture are from kits by Young at Heart, Small Scale Living, Petite Properties Ltd or are 3D printed from Pretty Small Things, Tiny Toes Couture or Anshuman Bhatia on I scratch-built the rest of the furniture.

The vibe is eclectic with heavy infusions of mid-century modern and industrial chic. Victorian homes have dominated dollhouse miniatures and while clean, ultra modern miniatures are quickly rising in popularity, the idea of something in between, of a contemporized historical home, seems to take a back seat. Challenge accepted. While designed for thoroughly modern living, I retained the house's Victorian heritage with elements such as handcrafted wainscoting, traditional décor and furniture elements.  Modern + heritage = Victorian fusion.

This house is filled with a lot of my scratch-built items and DIY projects, many of which will be featured on this blog, so if you see something you like, check back often!

While blending traditional with industrial chic, I aimed for neutral rooms, intending to add pops of color via the furniture. Makes for the easiest style changes later.

Basement living room (the door in the back leads to the designer's studio). Scratch-built Knoll sofa. 3D printed Eames lounge chair by Pretty Small Things.

Some of the rooms let my graphic design side show, such as the master bed with its chevron wallpaper.
Guest bedroom complete with its own guest bath (photos to come). Scratch-built mid-century twin bed and reminted traditional furniture from the common "brown plastic" sets.

The entryway. Scratch-built credenza with a jewelry finding converted into a large mirror. The vase is a bead and the large catch-all bowl is a small 1:12 soup bowl.

Everything in this room is scratch-built except for the 3D printed chair by Anshuman Bhatia. This is the designer's studio and is still a work in progress. Soon it will gain a drafting table, a shelf of supplies, a bookstand and a collection of design samples as inspiration (real design studios are a museum of jam-packed yet highly organized artifacts and supplies, so I'll have fun with this room). 

Customized Hanson Minis kitchen kit with bakeware and toaster kits from Young At Heart Miniatures. This room is still a work in progress, so check back for more visual goodies!

The industrial chic style is strongest in the book-lover's hideaway.  Scratch-built books, shelf, desk kit by Pepite Properties Ltd and marshmallow sofa by Anshuman Bhatia   The planter is another bead.

3D printed carrosse chair by Tiny Toes Couture, scratch-built art frame and books and customized brown plastic drawer (it was originally a hutch). 

The 2nd guest bedroom is the most traditional one in the house and prominently features a Victorian poster by the bed as an homage to the house's architectural roots.

The master bed leads into this large bathroom with scratch-built sink and shower stall. 

A smaller 1:12 scale soup bowl was used in the creation of the sink.