Saturday, December 26, 2015

Tips to Making Lasercut Furniture Kits Extra Special

Lasercut kits are an easy way to add some extra realism in tiny scales like 1:48 quarter scale, but there are some easy steps you can take to make them even better.

Creating a Woodgrain Look with Sanding
Kits that are put together from side-by-side pieces like those by Lindsay Pastor of Small Scale Living already have a bit of a woodgrain look, which you can enhance with a little bit of sanding. Use a very fine grain sheet of sandpaper, such as 800 grit or 1000 grit.

Seal, Then Paint
Lasercut projects this tiny will warp if you get them too wet (such as when staining or when applying acrylic washes). So prepare your kits by sealing with a clear spray paint, such as a gloss or matt spray, and then paint. This is especially important with your cardboard lasercut kits.
Watered-down acrylic paints make effective "wood stains"

Thoughtful sanding and painting brings out the beauty of lasercut kits.

And there you have it! Pretty easy and the difference is phenomenal at this scale (and handy for the larger scales too!)  Best of luck with your mini modern projects!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Ode To Mid Century and Modern

Modern, mid-century and contemporary miniature furniture and decor is still a little hard to come by, especially in 1:48 scale, but they're out there!  Here is my growing collection of scratch-built, wooden kits and 3D printed mid-century furniture and, for the other mid-century and modern lovers out there, here is a list of links to some pretty cool new modern minis to add to your own collections.

Luxurious sofa by Pretty Small Things. Feminine, upscale and yet not too delicate, it would look equally at home in a modernized Victorian home or a contemporary, industrial chic flat.

Chinese Chippendale chairs by Pretty Small Things.  While not modern themselves, these chairs have been a chic trend lately to incorporate them in modern settings, often painted black, in metallic (these would look fab in gold) or in the year's trendiest shades. Take a look at Pantone's website if you need some pop culture color ideas.

Assorted coffee tables by Pretty Small Things.  Paint these your standard black or try them out in gold or silver for some extra modern pop.  Take a look at Paris Renfroe's portfolio for finishing inspiration.

Curved sofa by Pretty Small Things. A while back at a Denver mid-century convention (the one for the real-sized items) I found this awesome modern curved sofa with fun pillows. Here's your chance to miniaturize it!

Wedgewood stove by Pretty Small Things. For your industrial chic kitchen. Need some color inspiration? Commercial kitchen chrome, glossy fire red, or retro kitchen colors like coral are really in right now.

1960's sofa by Pretty Small Things. For the Mad Men lovers! She also has a matching love seat and chair.

Modern tub chair by Pretty Small Things. The most stylized tub chairs on the market.

Tub chair by Anshuman Bhatia.  A more straightforward alternative to the tub chair above.

Mid-century square chair by Simply Bill. Another one for the Mad Men lovers.

Mid-century cocktail table by Simple Bill. Unusual and curvacious, this one will definitely make your living room stand out.  He also has a lovely round version (imagine it with gold legs and marble top--very chic and quite the trend right now).

Modern sectional corner sofa by Anshuman Bhatia. Now THIS is something you don't see every day, even in the larger scales.

Kitchen range stove by Anshuman Bhatia. A much cheaper alternative to the Wedgewood by Pretty Small Things and it would look just as fab in the trendiest colors.

Eames molded plywood chair by Anshuman Bhatia.  This guy is really doing we Eames lovers a servous! Check out his other Eames minis as well as those by Reitveld, Knoll and Neslon.

Circular sofa sectional by Anshuman Bhatia. Another great find you won't see any day, no matter the scale.

Stacked washer and drier by Anshuman Bhatia.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Hello All!

It's done! After five and half years of sweat, blood and tears, I have my two degrees: B.F.A. graphic design and B.S. integrated communications. (I really do mean sweat, blood and tears: I'm not going to miss the 10 minute mad dash from one end of campus to the other in order to attend two classes five minutes apart, the little injuries in printmaking or the extreme stress of mass communications audience research!)

And now for the job hunt! In between, I also have ample time to work on projects, a first in quite some time. Which means you can look foreword to more posts on this blog and more mini modern goodness in 1:48 scale.  Pictured above are some of the projects left over from the summer and which I'll be diving into this week. The beds are by Petite Properties Ltd. in England, which I have reserved for industrial chic inspiration, the mid-century bookcase and coffee table are by Lindsay Pastore of Small Scale Living and the blue woodgrain sofa is scratch-built by me.